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Hello, my name is Andrea, also known as Cyberdemon531, and this is my website (in training). I’ve been a speedrunner since March of 2013, and have been decently active in various YouTube communities dating back as far as 2010.

I am also a PlayStation collector, and plan on playing, reviewing, and speedrunning every title on the North American PlayStation.

Stream.Me Livestream

Where the magic happens! I stream every day, usually ranging around 8 hours a day, check my schedule page for when I’ll be live.
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YouTube Channel

Where I upload all my archived PB videos, VLOGs, highlights, and other such content.

Steemit Blog / DLive Channel

I also operate on the STEEM Blockchain and have a pretty relatively heavy stake in the platform. I will post blogs and other updates on Steemit and mirror most of my video uploads on DLive. You can help support me as a creator by simply making an account and upvoting my posts.

I may or may not write up a fully expanded history segment in the future, but either way, my main focus has been speedrunning since I started, and I’ve managed to get quite a lot done.

This is going to be the central hub for my content, or at least I hope it will be. It will take a while to build up, but hopefully eventually it will be glorious in the end.

I’ll be updating this page and entering more information and some good memes and all that soon enough.