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If you’d like to donate it, I’d really appreciate it! I offer lots of perks, rewards, or other stuff for you to give me money for, and I’m always open to a good deal 😉
For PayPal donations, donate through my Stream.Me Page
I will also accept crypto-currency donations, ask me for a wallet address.
(I will support the following crypto currencies: XRP, LTC, XRB/NANO, STEEM, SBD, ETH)

Donation Credit:

The way the donation credit system works, is for every donation you make, you will get equal credit. You may use this credit on various things like banning users temporarily, putting it toward new playthroughs and speedrun incentives, or use it for other random stuff that I think of (ex: song requests)

Donation Incentives

Ban System

I allow people to place or unplace bans on anyone in chat with credit. Here are the rates for banning and then unbanning:
Subscriber: $12 / $8
Non-Subscriber: $10 / $10

Donor Table

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