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Secretdoom: Disrepair

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Disrepair is a 9 (10 counting secret) map episode that makes use of G/ZDoom enhancements, including, but not limited to, DECORATE monsters, 3D Floors, and Scripted Events. There is also a Survival Mode included, which changes seven of the maps into an endless horde mode with some slight objectives.


Disrepair begins on April 13th, 2123, three months after the first Hell Gate rose in the Congo Sector. Your mission is to travel through the training barracks of the Industrial Sector and clear out the demonic presence in the area. The job should be easy, right?

Map List:

Episode 1 “Disrepair”                                   Episode 2 “Survival Mode”
MAP01: First Blood                                      SRV1: Survival Mode Selection
MAP02: Strange Outpost                             SRV2: Strange Outpost Survival
MAP03: Canyon of Chaos                            SRV3: Canyon of Chaos Survival
MAP04: Alpha Sector                                   SRV4: Alpha Sector Survival
MAP05: Storage Sector Eight                      SRV5: Contact Survival
MAP06: Contact                                             SRV6: Crash Survival
MAP07: The Distant Base                            SRV7: Battleground Survival
MAP08: Crash
MAP09: Battleground
*MAP10: The Stone Fort                                       *Secret Map


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Release Date: March 26th, 2014

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