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Secretdoom: Disrepair 2

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DISREPAIR 2 is an 11 map episode for GZDoom that expands upon the ideas and themes of my original Secretdoom episode “Disrepair” and transforms it into a new expansive world. This mapset features new monster types, new music, new textures, and of course new maps.


The date is December 16th, 2129, six years after the crumbling catastrophe of Hell’s invasion overtook the complex in the Northern Industrial Sector, a young marine was dispatched to go and clean up the mess that Hell left behind. That young marine was you. You must travel to the Northern Complex for the first time since the invasion and clear out the demons that occupy the area. It’s crucial that you reclaim this important stronghold, for it may be one of the last beacons of hope for this war…

Map List:

MAP01: Storage Facility
MAP02: Icy Outpost
MAP03: Cargo Containment Location
MAP04: Chilly Canyons
MAP05: Voltage
MAP06: Gamma Sector
MAP07: Railed
MAP08: The Forgotten Station
MAP09: Burn
MAP10: Disrepair
*MAP11: AAAAAAAAAAA                                                *Secret map


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Release Date: August 23rd, 2016

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