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The Starter Deck | The Ultimate Guide to Yu-Gi-Oh! Forbidden Memories! – Part #1

Hello, everyone and welcome to the first part for my Ultimate Guide Yu-Gi-Oh! Forbidden Memories

This guide will focus on using the Twin Headed Thunder Dragon and other cards in order to make completing the game as easy and efficient as possible. I may expand on other deck building strategies in the future, let me know if you’re interested in that, but for now, let’s go with THTD.

This guide will be presented in two different ways. In video format, and written format. If you’d like to see the video form, check the links down at the bottom of the page.

For this article I will be focusing only on the Starter Deck and what you need to know to look for before you begin the game.

So, first of all, let me explain WHY you should go for a particular set of cards and restart if you don’t get them.

The starter deck rolls 37 monsters and 3 magics. The 3 magic cards are the most important and valuable in this set since they can be the most versatile and also the most rare cards to obtain in the long run that are useful. There are three different types of these magic cards in the starter deck, a field change, an equipment, and a destruction card.

The next thing to discuss is which cards we want out of these and why.
This game is essentially impossible to complete without farming for cards, and magic cards are the hardest to acquire, which is why you want to be sure you start the game with the best lineup it can give you (or at least as close as possible!)

First up: the destruction card. There are only two options here: Dark Hole and Raigeki.

The answer is simple here: Raigeki. Dark Hole destroys all cards on the field, and Raigeki destroys all of your opponent’s monsters on the field. While Dark Hole CAN have its uses, Raigeki is much, MUCH, more useful in 99% of dueling situations.

Next: The Equip card. This is where things get tricky.
There are five equip cards that can be used with the Twin-Headed Thunder Dragon that appear in the starting deck pool, Beast Fangs, Dark Energy, Dragon Treasure, Invigoration, and Horn of Light. Powering up your monsters is crucial to overpowering the late game superpowers like Gate Guardian, Meteor B. Dragon, Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon, and so forth. In order for you to be able to get through them, you need equips, and the easiest place to get them is the starting deck!

These equips have a range of usefulness based on what is the most versatile and usable before you go all dragon. This is hard to quantify, but I personally think Dark Energy is the best to start with due to it working on numerous fusions, and especially Mystical Sand. Invigoration is also a good catch-all for Thunder, Pyro, and Rock monsters as well. It’s not a huge deal to reset for a very specific equip, but the one you end up going with can have some effect on the early portions of the game.

Umi - Copy

Now, the field card. The field card is simple. You want Umi. Umi raises the power of the Twin-Headed Thunder Dragon and also does not raise the power of Dragons, like most of late-game bosses posess. This gives you a clear-cut advantage in the late game. Now, I usually don’t stress what field card I get in the starting deck, because unlike other magic cards, fields can be relatively easy to acquire throughout the game. If you get Raigeki and a suitable Equip, but wind up with Forest, it’s not a huge deal. Roll with it.

As for monster cards, I wouldn’t worry too much about them, but I would take note of any Dragons, Thunders, Rocks, Females, and Beasts, as they can be the most versatile for fusion material! In the next article I will explain basic game mechanics such as Guardian Stars, Types, and Fusions!

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