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September 2017 Incentives

Hey everyone, welcome to my next incentive list for the month of September. So, first off, all money donated during this month will go toward a bid war for what I will be doing throughout the month of October. So when you donate, please tell me if you want the money to go toward either Silent Hill 1-3 Any%, or Resident Evil 1-3 Any%. I will learn and get “good” times in each and will be my main speedgames throughout October.

Total: $472.19 / $500

$100 – Mega Man 7 Any% / Mega Man 8 100% (All Bolts)

So, y’all want me to play MM7? Well, here ya go. Also I’ll throw in a 100% run for MM8 since that might be epic.

$200 – Mega Man 9 / Mega Man 10

Finish off the MMs and be ready to rumble for a full series run, hehe.

$300 – Minecraft Story Mode Adventure Meme

So this exists. Let’s meme it up.

$400 – Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 4 (PS1) 100%

I’m fairly certain that this version of the game is horrendous, so it should be excellent fun.

$500 – Halo 3: Sierra 117 – Legendary ALL SKULLS ON (LASO)

So each map in Halo 3 will be a shit fucking own-fest on LASO, so I’d rather do one at a time. LASO makes the game nearly unplayably hard, and I’ve never even attempted it before. This should be epic!

1st Place on StreamMe – MegaWad Monday Season 3!

So, I’m adding a new incentive here, if I get 1st place on StreamMe’s contest, I will be redoing MegaWad Monday for every Monday in October, and I will let the viewers decide which ones I play. I love DooM!

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