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Secretdoom: Hell’s Memento

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HELL’S MEMENTO is a 12-Map GZDoom wad that has heavy inspiration from classic wads like “Memento Mori”, “TNT Evilution”, “Requiem”, etc. with GZDoom features such as 3D Floors, ACS Scripts, and Decorate Powerups/Monsters.


The date is November 15th, 2123, you were stationed at the Alpha-E082 Ammunition Storage when a Hell Gate rose in a nearby sector causing an extreme warp to the landscape in the area. Your job is to find out how the hell to get home, and if you even can.

Map List:

MAP01: Ammunition Storage
MAP02: Processing Station
MAP03: The Bridge of Silence
MAP04: Frost
MAP05: Library of the Accursed
MAP06: Fortress of Blood
MAP07: …And Hell Awaits
MAP08: Demonic Barbeque
MAP09: Plaque on the Plague
MAP10: A Requiem From Hell
*MAP11: Suite Dreams                                                   *Secret maps
*MAP12: Revelation


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Download at /idgames

Demos at Doomed Speed Demos Archive

Release Date: February 13th, 2016

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