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Cyber Monday Extravaganza II: Bringin’ it Back – November 2017

Hello, y’all! Fresh off of finishing the October Spook-tack-u-lar, I’m now comin’ atcha live with an update as to what the month of November 2017 will hold for the stream and hopefully YouTube original content as well.


So I have lots of donation incentive runs that have been sitting on the back-burner because of specials and laziness, so I will be going hardcore to finish these up before the Extravaganza. I’ll be more detailed on the schedule page with what games I’ll be playing when, so be posted there. Ideally, I’ll be getting through all of the backlog, but we’ll see…

Cyber Monday Extravaganza II: Bringin’ it Back

Hello, come one and come all! It’s been one year since I first began my epic “Extravaganza” Series, and now I’ll be bringin’ it back for the first sequel! This marathon, as the previous in the series, will be open to accepting donations to play any game from my Speedruns page, but with extra specials! The big discounts this time around will be various and big, Big, BIG! I will also be introducing a few limitations and changes to the format, but it will mostly be the same. As with before, I will take $5 for every thirty minutes of run time, rounded to the nearest 30 minute mark. So, any run from 1 second to 45 minutes are worth $5, and 45 minute to An Hour and 15 minutes is worth $10, etc. My main discount this time around will be that any game/category that has five or less total recorded PB runs will be 50% off! Meaning that if I have done five or less runs for a category for a game, that run will cost half of what it’s original cost would be. So, for example, if you want me to play Doom 4, it would normally cost $50 going by these rules, but since I’ve only completed only two runs, it’d be only $25. I’m not quite sure how much this can and will be manipulated into suffering, but we’ll see. πŸ˜€

NEW! Since one entire week has been filled, I will be adding in a bonus discount of 10% applied to everything, so 10% off any run, and 60% off any run with 5 or less PBs πŸ˜€

NEW(ER!!)! Since two entire weeks have been filled, I will be adding in a bonus discount of 20% applied to everything, so 20% off any run, and 70% off any run with 5 or less PBs πŸ˜€

NEW(EST!!)! Since this has gone on so god damn long, I am now changing, for the final time, to 25% off everything, and 75% off of games with 5 or less PBs listed. There ya go.

NEW(EST!!(2!)!)!! Yeah, I’m killing this fucking shit, so any donations from now on are NOT eligible for game discounts. So, back to full price for games if you want any to be tacked on from now!

Donation Incentives

So with the previous line-up, I’m of course going to add in the regular cumulative incentives and with this time around, I’m going to group some up into sagas/marathons that will hopefully be very epic, so let’s see what we got…

Total: $1,720.54

$250 – Halo 1 / Halo 2 – Any%

$500 – Croc 2 – Any%

$750 – Dead Space 2 – Hard Mode

$1,000 – Herdy Gerdy / Frogger: The Great Quest / RascalΒ  – Any%

These incentives won’t end until the marathon itself ends, even if it happens to leak into December, so feel free to wait until whenever to contribute (if you feel so inclined to do so…)

Et Cetera

Other things I plan on doing are more YouTube content like movie reviews, more vlogs, and other stuff that will hopefully be more interesting and unique! πŸ™‚
I also want to reformat and update lots of stuff on this website to be more nice looking and informative as well. Hopefully I can get that rollin’!

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