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Hello, my name is Andrea, also known as Cyberdemon531, and this is my website (in training). I’ve been a speedrunner since March of 2013, and have been decently active in various YouTube communities dating back as far as 2010.

I am also a PlayStation collector, and plan on playing, reviewing, and speedrunning every title on the North American PlayStation.

Stream.Me Livestream

Where the magic happens! I stream every day, usually ranging around 8 hours a day, check my schedule page for when I’ll be live.

New to Please use this referral link, as it helps me earn money!

YouTube Channel

Where I upload all my archived PB videos, VLOGs, highlights, and other such content.

Steemit Blog

I also operate on the STEEM Blockchain and have a pretty relatively heavy stake in the platform. I will post blogs and other updates on Steemit and mirror most of my video uploads on DTube. You can help support me as a creator by simply making an account and upvoting my posts.


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