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26:25 3/17/2018 Hey, not too shabby!
27:14 3/10/2018  Cool!
29:12 2/3/2018  Not too shabby, but still really horrendous. Good start to a good The Rock Block!
29:43 1/27/2018  Not the greatest run, but it’s a bit better 😛
30:23 1/20/2018 Not a bad run, I guess 😀
33:56 12/19/2017 First PB in a long while, playing on Complete Works! Good stuff.
34:27 6/4/2015 Not bad at all.
41:14 6/4/2015 Hey! Not bad!
1:19:58 6/3/2015 Random run, no idea what I’m doing.
1:25:52 12/1/2014 No idea what I am doing.
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