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Mega Man 5


Mega Man 5





36:16 3/30/2018 The run is ok I guess, besides the me dying all over the fucking place part 😀
36:56 3/17/2018 OOF! No Beat, but still not bad! 😀
38:17 3/10/2018 Much better, but I still suck.
41:21 3/3/2018  I fucked up a lot, but still PB’d. Noice.
41:41 2/17/2018 First run with speed upgrade and Beat. Still need to get Level 99 with the pocketstation though lol
44:52 2/3/2018  Goodish run, learning more about the game and getting better at it. The music is so good!!!!!
49:06 1/27/2018 Terrible, but I tried my best.
49:39 1/20/2018  I am jammin’.
56:14 1/2/2018 I need to get better, hehe.
57:44 12/19/2017  Freaking jamming in this game. I still suck at it, though. Hehe.
1:01:49 9/22/2017 God damn, good port, good game. first run on CW.
1:17:02 7/29/2017 Bringin’ it back
1:19:10 6/11/2017 Quite a nice improvement, hehe
1:40:15 6/5/2017 Wonderful game, enjoyed this one quite a lot.
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