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Mega Man 6



 Mega Man 6





30:36 3/10/2018 IT COUNTS!!!
30:36 2/3/2018 Surprised , my PB in this was one of my better ones, but I still haven’t done many runs after getting the maxed pocketstation, so still a ways to go.
31:41 12/2/2017  This was a direct amarec capture run with bad settings so it’s stretchy and looks bad, but I didn’t want a captured stream with the relay race I did this in, so this will have to do. Will run the game again soonish!
33:10 9/22/2017 Re-practicing the run, preparing for SRXFALL2017 and learning new stuff. Still waiting on max pocketstation ranking, though.
33:19 8/29/2017 World Record, baby, yee haw! One death, though… lol
34:31 8/27/2017 Tired AF, good run hehe.
34:46 8/24/2017 Next time… I promise you….
35:01 8/23/2017 Gettin’ closer to the goal, baby.
36:01 8/21/2017 Getting pretty good, hehe
37:57 8/19/2017 First run with the super epic shit, and it’s pretty fuckin’ epic.
42:08 8/19/2017 Stepping stone, cutting deaths out.
43:29 8/18/2017 Quite a bit better, still a few deaths, though.
48:51 8/17/2017 Yikes… let me good please…
50:08 8/16/2017 Big improvement! Still shit though, hehe.
1:00:42 8/13/2017 Not bad! Epic chat in the vod, hehe
1:05:57 7/29/2017 First run on CW, pretty nice
1:20:46 6/5/2017 Fun as heck, went pretty smoothly as well.

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