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Resident Evil 2

Resident Evil 2

Resident Evil 2

Leon A, Easy




1:21:30 10/21/2017 Another race with Stealinbread, this time a money match! And I won 😀
1:22:21 10/21/2017  Not too shabby, I s’pose.
1:26:04 10/18/2017 Did a race with Bread and lost by only 11 seconds… rip. Still a PB though!
1:31:12 10/18/2017  Not too bad, figuring things out!
2:23:10 7/23/2017 Another one!
2:51:54 7/3/2017 Pretty bad still, hehe
3:33:03 6/19/2017 Very epic, banned version, banned difficulty. Hehe


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