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14:56 9/25/2018 This is pretty good, I’d like to work on this a bit more some time down the line, too.
16:39 9/23/2018 Not too shabby, but not too great!
16:56 8/13/2018 Sub 17, cool.
17:32 8/13/2018 Wee woo, not good.
17:47 8/13/2018 Cool, doin’ a bit better here :3
18:12 8/5/2018 Hey, lookin’ good!
23:27 7/22/2018 Forgot to upload this, from 7/22/18. Big time save!
32:15 7/8/2018 Garbage run, but better than before! Would like to get in a good range where I can run without dying and I think the game would be much more fun and stuff!
43:11 6/24/2018 Fun game, want to get better soon! 🙂
49:18 6/19/2018  lol, quite a big improvement from last time but garbage obviously. Might actually run this more, it’s pretty fun!
1:45:54 9/13/2015 Complete and utter garbage. (lets play)
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