Hello there, ladies and gentlemen! It is I, Cyberdemon531 here, coming atcha live with a HOT, and VERY EXCITING blog status update. I am proud to announce my hot new series extension: Sunday Runday: TRI-FORMATION!!.

For the month of September I will be expanding the regular Sunday Rundays with weekends of full-blown rundays. Friday-Saturday-Sunday for each weekend* from 10am to midnight (EST).
The basic layout will be that I will play nearly every game in the voting lineup with some extra goodies throughout the month, and will repeat the games that I like and think are fun to stream, etc.


TRI-FORMATION!! – Episode 1 Schedule

TRI-FORMATION!! – Episode 2 Schedule

TRI-FORMATION!! – Episode 3 Schedule

*On September 8th, I’ll be seeing IT (2017) so I will be starting a bit later than the others.