Hello y’all, I want to write this blog post here and then send it to various people as a general means to get my onion out there on this whole situation, and I would appreciate it if you circulated it as well. I will touch upon Crisco as a person, Crisco’s stream and how it functions, and also touch upon Rabidpixy and his dog scandal, as well as SRX Fallout a bit. This is meant to be a blog post that tries its best to stop any and all retardation that has been going on in the community as of late, as I feel it has run its course.

CriscoWild and Relay Races

So, let me be clear as I can be here. I do not hate anyone involved in this recent drama with his relay races and people barking on both sides about how each side has harassed each other. Everyone, and I mean everyone involved with this drama is being an idiot. That means Stealinbread, that means 8bitisgr8, that also means CriscoWild himself. All of you are acting like children. Now, let me be clear again here: I LOVE drama, as you probably know. I love perpetuating drama, I love talking about drama. I love making fun of people. However, there is a point where things need to settle down as it is having a negative impact on everyone involved, and this time is now. There’s a difference between being epic and making fun of people, and being deliberately as offensive as possible in order to hurt someone’s feelings.
From my understanding, the 8bit crew and Stealinbread crew have been crossing that line against CriscoWild lately. As I am told, after talking to many of the people involved, it mostly started with Crisco’s inability to take a joke. Believe me when I say this; Crisco’s sense of humor is extremely hypocritical and extremely retarded. He has extraordinarily thin skin and does not belong in many of the communities he wishes to be a part of if he cannot adapt to the style of humor. Crisco gets offended easily and takes people’s jokes and memes to heart for no reason and gets him emotionally upset. Blocking people over a joke forever (Zuul78, Jacknuafthesailor, etc) is beyond unreasonable in every single possible scenario, and making fun of this absurd behavior is more than hilarious.
However, that being said, there is no reason to attack him based on untrue things and making up lies about his character in an attempt to ruin him on the website. That is childish and absolutely beyond reason. Again, I have no problem with exposure, I love it, but when you make things up and use literal libel and slander in an attempt to defame someone, then you’re just being an idiot. Crisco’s relay events are not “scams” and his streaming habits aren’t either. If you have an issue with AFK streaming, then I am completely on your side, as I think it’s also reprehensible most of the time as well, but him paying other people to stream on his account is 100% completely acceptable. All it is is another layer of what the contest already is in the first place. StreamMe pays their streamers based on how often they stream, and Crisco pays his friends for how often they stream on his channel. There is nothing, absolutely nothing, wrong with that in any fashion whatsoever. If it makes you upset that his channel may be beating yours because he is using a team effort, then come up with new strategies yourself and stop being a salty bottom feeder. Also, the relay events are fun, and an enjoyable way for multiple different people who don’t normally communicate to group up and have a fun time playing video games. I am in 100% support of any and all community speedrunning events, and if I played more of the games that he does them for I would participate more often.
Now, I know that some of the drama between Bread and Crisco has been brewing for a while before most of the others have tagged along so I want to mention that as well. During my RE3 run on the Spook-Tack-U-Lar marathon, Crisco and Bread were in my chat and started claiming that they wanted to fight each other, physically, unironically. Now, this is absolutely hilarious, and I of course egged it on because I wanted to see how far they would go, but I also need to make a serious comment here. Threatening someone with physical violence over the internet is about the dumbest fucking thing a human being can do. Now, let me be clear here yet again, I mean unironic threats of violence. Saying you are going to rip someone’s arm off and feed it to a goat is an obvious joke, and even saying “I’m gonna beat you up” to your friend in jest is acceptable. However, when you genuinely dislike someone and genuinely say you want to fight them in real life to show who the “tougher man” is, then you’re a mongoloid. Plain and simple. Stop it.
I also want to touch upon Crisco being “manipulative”. He is not manipulative really at all, what he is is overly attached to people and has too much of an emotional investment into what people think about him, so he tries to speak to anyone and everyone all the time and get them involved with his life. This is most definitely annoying for a lot of people, and sometimes I agree, but that doesn’t really make him manipulative. If there’s something I am missing, feel free to clue me in, but all it seems to me is that he wants everyone to be in his relay races and community and pesters people about it now and then.
I’d also like to mention the reddit memes. They’re hilarious, and the fact that people take it all so seriously is fantastic humor, however it does contribute toward negative misconceptions from randos and may not be the greatest idea in the future.
In conclusion, if you don’t like someone, that’s fine. I would say there’s plenty things about Crisco to dislike. However, threats of violence and libelous accusations that are made in an attempt to destroy his reputation and career are over the line, and I believe they should cease immediately. On to the next point of conversation…

RabidPixy and Dog Abuse

OK, this one won’t be as long as there isn’t really much to say here. Plain and simple: Rabidpixy is a cuck. His wife controls him and dictates his behavior nearly 100% of the time. He has a shock collar for his dog because he is lazy and doesn’t care about their comfort in any capacity and is just a bad owner. We all know this. He is unironically stupid, and genuinely unfunny nearly 100% of the time, and it is absolutely hilarious how hard he tries with his “gotcha”s and “gettem”s. It’s pathetic. He is pathetic. He doesn’t understand how to be funny and just resorts to threats of violence and baseless insults rather than wit and comedic timing. He is a mongoloid until proven otherwise.
However, I’d like to touch upon a tangentially related subject, and that is Stealinbread’s chatroom. Now, as you can surmise if you’re familiar with the subjects at hand already (which I assume most of you are), Bread is Pixy’s long-term friend, and because of that, he overlooks and/or does’t care about the dog situation nearly as much as various other people do. That’s up to him to decide, and that’s up to them to make a deal out of their friendship over the subject. You can think Bread is a pushover, an apologist, etc, if you would like, and he most definitely is in this context, but they all chose to ignore it for the sake of their friendship, and while fake and gross to me and probably others, it seems to work for them, so conglaturation!
Also, would like to bring up ArtistSage here for a moment. He is another person who is extremely unfunny and just resorts to threats of violence and baseless insults in lieu of wit and comedic timing. I don’t know how Bread puts up with the garbage he does in his chat, but it’s not my problem.
I would also like to reiterate that I don’t hate anyone, and am more than open, and in fact, would very much so appreciate for people mentioned to cease the retardation and stop clinging to “sides” of stupid arguments. I would love to be buds, or just acquaintances with everyone on the site, and people’s obsessions over petty garbage prevent that from happening. Stop being children.

SRX – Disaster and Fallout / Jo & Writer Situation

I will be more brief than I can be since I don’t want to write all day here. I am only going to mention this as I feel it is tangentially related to previous subjects and kind of important. SRX Spring 2017 was epic, and there were no issues that were permanent because it was all smoke and mirrors behind the scenes. The problem with Fall 2017 was that there was no room or place anymore for the smoke and the mirrors, and all the backroom drama was pushed to the forefront and caused what was mostly a complete disaster for everyone involved.
We all know what happened, and if you don’t, then god bless your soul, but let me say this again: I love drama, it’s absolutely hilarious. There’s nothing more fun than poking fun at the holes in someone’s arguments and personality. I do not care who you are or what you are, if you do something stupid I will make fun of it. Everyone knows this, or at least, everyone should know this. I’ve made fun of people the same exact way for years. Don’t fuck up if you don’t want to be made fun of, simple as that.
However, people often fuck up, and that’s just human nature. You can’t hate someone for fucking up, unless they never admit to guilt or simply do so all the time. The problem with the aftermath of SRX Fall 2017 was that the parties that fucked up the most did not admit to it, and when they “did”, they immediately reverted back into the state of fucking up by disregarding and voiding any and all apologies and continuing to make drama by clinging to a “side”. This truly saddens me, especially when it involves people I’ve known for so long, and knew so well. For people to completely change their tune and stick to the guns of illogic over nothing it is simply and absolutely retarded.
I had big hopes for SRX, but after the previous event and the staff’s unwillingness to accept responsibility and move on, it has really been proven that most people are simply retarded and that SRX is literally just a GDQ-lite that will never take off. Any potential they had, in my opinion, was dismantled, on purpose by the staff members, and it’s unfortunate.
As well as on the subject of Jo & Writer in particular. I hope that they’re happy and will eventually realize how so extremely stupid their recent behavior has been and will cease being so dumb and will come back to reality sometime soon. I think it will happen eventually, and you bet your fucking ass I will make fun of them ’til the cows come home when they do, but the time it takes for that to happen so far has permanently damaged lots of true potential with many things, and that’s extremely unfortunate.


              Stop being fucking retards @everyone