As a general statement, I heavily disagree with the blanket terminology of “mental illness” because thrown around so much in the gun debate. Media isn’t talking about specific mental illness (to my knowledge) that may be dangerous, and people are just pretending that anxiety and schizophrenia and depression and so forth are all the same and should be treated the same, which is extremely offensive to anyone with any kind of mental illness that won’t affect judgement when it comes to guns at all.

The main subject of this discussion should be about people that are unhinged. Unhinged people can or cannot be diagnosed with various amounts of things. It’s a dumb and offensive scapegoat that stupid normies keep parading around and it needs to stop.

Persecution of Mentally Ill people is a severe disservice to the evolution of society, and seeing people “on the left”, or people who claim to be at least, who partake in scapegoating and persecuting anyone and everyone with mental health issues in this conversation sickens me.

There are many, many people with various mental health issues that would have flawless judgement when it comes to firearms, and there would be many who don’t have mental health issues that would have awful judgement when it comes to firearms.

This also doesn’t bring up the issues of only persecuting those who are diagnosed, versus undiagnosed. The debate of guns is being purposefully manipulated into a discussion about mental health in the wrong way. The media, politicians, and many others want you to scapegoat “mentally ill people” as if they are one big group that is all the same, rather than the root of the problem, which is the guns themselves being so out and about in our country.

Do not allow yourselves to be manipulated. People with disabilities and mental health issues are ALWAYS the first to be persecuted in these situations, and it only compounds the negative stigma surrounding them, and makes them feel worse as a result, even if it’s not the intention.