Just writing a blog post here right quick to explain a few things for my stream chat and stuff.

Haven’t been streaming much the last 2 days (read: at all) because I’ve felt stressed and don’t want to do anything at all besides talk to Freak all day and eat and sleep. I’ll be ok, just doctor stuff on top of move/personal life being things I worry about, on top of just being easily triggerable in general has made me shy away a bit. Same thing happened last week, with a different catalyst, I’m just easily set off at the moment.

I just want to feel comfortable sometimes, and a lot of the time I don’t, so my solution has been to just stop streaming a bit to recharge. I don’t know how next month will go, as there will be A LOT of things going on that will stress me the fuck out, so just be prepared for random off-days here and there. I think I’ve earned some over the past year of nearly non-stop streaming, anyways.

No, I’m not “depressed”, although most to most of my normie followers I probably am, or look like I am, but to me, it’s nothing more than any other point in time, really.

I’ll be attempting another long-AF stream next week, I think, to make up for it. 37 hours minimum? We’ll see. Either way, I’ll be trying to make up for it, so just let me breathe a bit and it’ll be all good 😀

That being said, Sunday Runday will happen as scheduled, I cannot go against the runday tradition.