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Double (S/R)unday

ARCHIVE: I expanded into doing Double Rundays, but instead decided to make other marathon days more unique, so I decided to go back to the regular ol’ Sunday Runday. Original Text as follows:


So, Sunday Runday started basically as an excuse for me to play a bunch of random games, since I had started learning so many and had trouble keeping track or interest in playing them exclusively or mainly, but didn’t want anything to be dropped entirely. Thus, Sunday Runday was born! A quick once a week marathon where I throw a bunch of under-run games into the schedule and stream all day! I wrote up a bit on the horaro page for the first even here about it at the time, which you can read if you’d like. I picked the schedules myself based on games I wanted to play and recommendations at the time, and later opened it up to voting when I started getting more viewers and keeping track of recommendations became more annoying.
So, Sunday Runday occurred nearly every single week since the first, with me only skipping around ten or so over the course of nearly two years, which isn’t too bad! Most of the skips were due to marathons I attended, but only three or so were due to other issues that arose.
Anyway, Sunday Runday is epic, so what gives? Why is this an archive page? Well, I started running too many fucking games, and one day wasn’t enough. I started doing long-ass streams that I didn’t have the stamina to finish and looked like a goof…
I did a few weeks in September 2017 where I did Friday through Sunday runday style and it was fun AF, I dubbed it the “TRI-FORMATION!!”, and it was awesome, but 3 of the 7 days in a week being devoted to rundays on a regular basis is way too much, and limits me in doing other stuff, I think. However, I still had the problem of wanting to play too many games each marathon and having too much of an arsenal to work with. So, I missed a Sunday Runday one week due to a run taking too long and causing me to be comatose during the following day, which was Sunday, and I promised to do both Saturday and Sunday the next week, and then it dawned on me. DOUBLE SUNDAY! Saturday + Sunday every week. The perfect Sequel series!
So Double (S/R)unday will follow up the status of Sunday Runday.
So check it out here!

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