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Mega Man X6

I started speedrunning Mega Man X6 in August of 2013 with the All Stages category. I’ve since then taken this game more seriously Mega Man X6than almost any other game. My history with this game is extensive and storied, and I have almost as much experience with this game as anyone else, and it is one of my favorite games of all time. This page will be used to list and archive all of my personal best times for this game and its categories as well as any other relevant information related to them. Note that the IGT (In Game Time) wasn’t the standard until 2016 or so, and some runs might not have them documented. The categories will be listed in order of how important I view them. The comments listed after are notes I wrote at the time of the run’s completion.

All Stages (Xtreme) Any% (Xtreme) – 100%

Unarmored X All Stages (Xtreme)Ultimate X Any%All Stages Dashless X Only Leaderboard – YouTube Playlist and Guide

All Stages

All Stages is most definitely my main category in this game, as I believe its the best and most fun in the game. I consider this game and category to be one of my few main speedgames and I’ve invested the most time into this than anything else except for Doom related titles.

41:33 RTA, 20:04 IGT – 8/15/2015 – This is my first PB since November 2015! The first step of many more to come as I get the record back.

41:31 RTA, 20:13 IGT -11/18/2015 – Excellent run, only bad part was poor nightmare mother RNG.

42:24 RTA, 21:01 IGT – 11/15/2015 – Died on gate’s stage… 😦

42:28 RTA, 20:59 IGT – 1/25/2015 – Lots of info in video description, but summary: Great besides Nightmare Mother and Gate.

42:58 RTA, 21:21 IGT – 5/6/2014 – Fantastic run, very few mistakes. Mediocre RNG on the 8 mavs and Nightmare Mother. Gate was alright, boss rush was fucking GOD TIER!

43:19 RTA, 21:54 IGT – 3/15/14 – This run is very very very good. Very few mistakes, very good movement all throughout. Gate was pretty mediocre.

44:17 RTA, 22:35 IGT – 1/23/14 – First actual good run with the recent improvements of the time.

45:44 RTA, 23:55 IGT – 1/21/14 – This marks the beginning of the “Easy Modo” debate.

47:09 RTA, 24:50 IGT – 11/26/13 – This run is very good. Almost everything execution wise went really well. Going to go for sub 47 though. Just need RNG!

48:12 RTA, 25:25 IGT – 11/25/13 – Major RIP at Gate fight. Could have been a great run, but it was still a PB/WR.

48:28 RTA, 25:45 IGT – 11/9/13 – Took a long ass time to get this, but I got it.

49:46 RTA, 27:15 IGT – 9/16/13 – Finally hit the big goal. Sub 50 minutes.

50:11 RTA, 27:39 IGT – 9/14/13 – Was a great run until the RNG Hell at the end, which killed it 😦

50:16 RTA, 27:29 IGT – 9/9/13 – This was my first time getting the World Record. Was really really hyped!

52:03 RTA, 28:55 IGT – 9/8/13 – 5 seconds off of Current World Record. Gonna go hard for it as this run was baaaaaaaaaaaaaaad

53:59 RTA, 30:12 IGT – 9/7/13 – Ok run, but I choked so hard in Heatnix and Gate 2. Still going to go for 51.

54:25 RTA, 30:50 IGT – 9/3/13 – Dat Sub 55. Gonna keep pushing!

56:22 RTA, 33:14 IGT – 8/31/13 – Nice run, but also pretty bad. Still goin for sub 55.

57:17 RTA, Unknown IGT – 8/30/13 – First sub 1, and I call that shit in the very beginning of the run, lol. Lost a lot of time to High Max though, and can get my sub 55 soon I think.

1:01:22 RTA, 36:43 IGT – 8/26/13 – Still sloppy but still a fun pb.

1:01:27 RTA, 36:46 IGT – 8/26/13 – Good run, and has very informative commentary about the game.

1:08:47 RTA, Unknown IGT – 8/26/13 – No comments, old splits, no record.

1:09:14 RTA, Unknown IGT – 8/25/13 – No comments, old splits, no record.

1:17:26 RTA, Unknown IGT – 8/24/13 – No comments, old splits, no record.


Any% for me is a side category that I consider to be experimental and fun to dabble in now and then. The RNG required for a good run is immense, and the skill factor is significantly lower in comparison to All Stages. That being said, it’s still a fun category!

29:18 RTA, 15:27 IGT – 11/19/15 – Pretty good RNG until the boss rush screwed me hard.

29:39 RTA, 15:44 IGT – 1/31/15 – 20 seconds slower IGT than my previous run, but I didn’t die this time. In game timer confirmed accurate.

29:46 RTA, 15:26 IGT – 1/30/15 – First record to have a death in it in a while. God-tier nightmare mother though. Also, obviously, the first sub 30!

30:00 RTA, 16:11 IGT – 1/29/15 – Pretty good besides the ending. I choked hard on the boss rush…

31:00 RTA, 17:02 IGT – 9/14/14 – Random run, nice. Really good play for the most part, bad rng everywhere.

31:35 RTA, 17:34 IGT – 6/15/14 – During Day of Despair III marathon, random resetless run turned out not to be terrible.

31:57 RTA, 17:46 IGT – 11/16/13 – First actually decent run.

32:51 RTA, 18:31 IGT – 11/15/13 – First time getting the Any% World Record, quick meme run.

34:28 RTA, 19:58 IGT – 11/15/13 – Testing out new strats and Easy mode.

36:38 RTA, 21:16 IGT – 11/11/13 – Two mavericks, ultra safe-mode strategies.

40:14 RTA, Unknown IGT – 11/10/13 – Re-run, quite nice.

1:16:23 RTA, Unknown IGT – 9/10/13 – First attempt, was a bit harder than I expected lol


100% Mega Man X6… oh boy. Really fun category with lots and lots of nice tricks and speed tech, but the main problem here is the RNG factor is incredible. I find this to be almost as fun to play as All Stages, but the incredibly annoying Skill:Luck ratio makes me hesitant to play this nearly as much. Still, it’s definitely a very nice showcase.

1:11:06 RTA, 39:52 IGT – 4/9/17 – Surprising PB!

1:13:19 RTA, 41:16 IGT – 11/6/16 – Surprisingly good. Nice Scaravich, for once.

1:15:02 RTA, 43:19 IGT – 8/27/16 – Sick category

1:15:44 RTA, 42:53 IGT – 6/12/16 – Was 5 minutes behind and still PB’d. Fuck this category lol

1:15:47 RTA, 43:48 IGT – 12/17/15 – First PB in ages, still a ways to go.

1:16:19 RTA, 44:18 IGT – 1/31/14 – Garbage lol

1:17:37 RTA, 45:32 IGT – 1/30/14 – Still grinding out runs until I die less.

1:18:58 RTA, 46:36 IGT – 1/29/14 – Shit run lmao god damn

1:19:12 RTA, 46:51 IGT – 1/27/14 – A lot of improvements

1:21:20 RTA, 48:35 IGT – 12/9/13 – Slowly getting down there.

1:22:44 RTA, 49:48 IGT – 11/21/13 – Route changing and improvement.

1:23:37 RTA, 49:50 IGT – 11/11/13 – First ACTUAL run of this category.

1:53:17 RTA, Unknown IGT – 11/11/13 – Demo test run, total trash.

All Stages (Xtreme)

Xtreme difficulty makes things crazy hard, crazy luck-based, and just plain crazy. Pretty whacky and pretty difficult. I don’t really care for grinding down the speedrun, but it’s fun to play now and then.

48:59 RTA, 25:58 IGT – 9/10/15 – Not too bad, but I died on mijinion because of bad luck.

49:28 RTA, Unknown IGT – 5/7/14 – Actual run. Quite a lot of deaths.

1:19:24 RTA, Unknown IGT – 2/3/14 – Joke run, lots of deaths and memes.

Any% (Xtreme)

Any% runs on Xtreme are quite the epic meme. You can do a low% route or an A rank route for Saber+ and Hyper Dash. The latter saves a ton of time in the late game and makes finishing the game much easier, but you do have to do extra early game stuff that takes a ton of time. With the amount of RNG in this category, I think that the safer option makes for the better run.

38:25 RTA, 21:52 IGT – 8/13/16 – Shit, but not as shit

40:33 RTA, 23:00 IGT – 8/6/16 – First complete run of this shit.

Unarmored X All Stages

This category is based around all the tricks and work-arounds that you have to do in this game to complete it with only using Unarmored X. It’s pretty fun and I greatly enjoy the challenge involved.

57:41 RTA, 34:51 IGT – 12/6/15 – Slight adjustment to route, better execution.

1:00:01 RTA, 36:54 IGT – 5/17/14 – New route, easy mode, and a ton of improvements.

1:20:33 RTA, 52:06 IGT – 12/13/13 – Shit myself for the first 20 minutes, but then the rest was god-tier.

1:25:47 RTA, 57:23 IGT – 11/4/13 – The first fourish mavericks were extremely sloppy and awful, but Gate’s lab was clutch as hell, and the rest of the run was definitely tolerable. Done with this category for now.

1:51:20 RTA, 1:16:31 IGT – 11/1/13 – Finally a decent time. Still gonna push it further though

2:39:54 RTA, Unknown IGT – 10/31/13 – First real attempt. Didn’t go so well

Unarmored X All Stages (Xtreme)

Same thing as the regular Unarmored X All Stages, but on Xtreme.

2:04:32 RTA, 1:22:09 IGT – 12/23/17 – Trash garbage.

2:24:42 RTA, 1:32:46 IGT – 4/16/17 – Was good until Gate. Fuck.

2:45:09 RTA, 1:56:11 IGT – 12/26/16 – First ever try at this. Not bad.

Ultimate X Any%

This is a bit of a meme category where you use the Ultimate Armor X cheat code and beat the game as fast as you can. This is played on Xtreme since all the cycles in the route are sped up quite a bit. Not really sure if its faster, but it feels like it. A pretty fun category over all.

29:42 RTA, 16:38 IGT – 5/11/14 – Decent run, but still really bad…

32:00 RTA, 18:19 IGT – 2/27/14 – Dude, nice.

33:49 RTA, 19:34 IGT – 2/26/14 – Dude, nice.

35:33 RTA, 20:47 IGT – 2/25/14 – Lost 3:37 on final sigma, LMAO!!!!

40:03 RTA, Unknown IGT – 1/23/14 – Ironically hard as fuck

1:40:15 RTA, Unknown IGT – 12/23/14 – LMAO, sigma took over an hour. Didn’t expect him to be hard, so I had to wing it.

All Stages Dashless X Only

This is nothing more than a simple challenge category. Accidental dashing happens a few times, can’t help it, but the rules dictate that you have to kill yourself to compensate. X Only because Zero makes a lot of the tricks trivial with the double jump. Need to get speedster to outrun cycles in Metal Shark Player’s stage which is neat.

1:40:21 RTA, 1:08:58 IGT – 1/4/17 – Absolutely epic.

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